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It is a superior quality Port to which I.V.P. has granted the right to use the indication of age, as regulated. It is obtained by selecting Old Wines which are mutually accepted when blended, aiming at obtaining a perfect balance.
These wines are great digestives and good tonics when accompanied with good cheeses or dry fruit.
The allowed indications of age are:
- 10 years old;
- 20 years old;
- 30 years old;
- over 40 years old.
Porto Mais de 40 AnosPorto 30 AnosPorto 20 AnosPorto 10 Anos


It is produced using traditional methods in granite presses with prolonging fermentation. The grapes are crushed by feet during the first two days, being these followed by pumping over every 4 hours. This ancestral process results in a wine with a very fine aroma and taste and splendid polyphenols structure, which allows it a very balanced ageing process.

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