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Produced by traditional methods in granite presses com prolonging fermentation, Ruby Port is crushed by feet during the first two days, being these followed by pumping over every 4 hours. This process results in a wine with a very fine aroma and taste and a noble structure of anthocyanins and tannins.
  Appearance: Clean
Colour: Red
Foam: Reddish
Aroma: Clean, fruity and some spicy aroma
Taste: Clean, with noble tannins still present and a fine finish
Quality: Good
Alcohol: 19% Vol.
  It is a Ruby Wine with a solid structure, still featuring noble tannins and a balance fruit, which is a characteristic that is associated to a young Port, where the wine characteristics start to blend with some spicy and fruity aromas.
  It should be served at a temperature of 14º.
Ruby Port has great potential as aperitif accompanying dry fruits, canapés with liver pâté and smoked salmon or good grilled smoked meat. It can also be a digestive when accompanied with a well-sorted cheese board.
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