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It is a Port produced from a single grape harvest, in a year of exceptional quality. It features outstanding organoleptic properties. It is deep purple and full-bodied, of a smooth aroma and taste, to which the I.V.P. has authorised the right to name it "Vintage" and the corresponding harvest year, as legislated.


It is produced by traditional methods in granite presses with prolonging fermentation. The grapes are crushed by feet during the first two days, being these followed by pumping over every 4 hours, and cap lowering with manual wooden stirrers. This ancestral process results in a wine with a very fine aroma and taste and splendid polyphenols structure, which grants it excellence in the entire ageing process, both in casks and then in bottle.


It is aged 2 years in wood where it oxidizes, then put in black bottles, after receiving the I.V.P. approval. After this its ageing process undergoes reduction.


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